Tuesday 11 June 2013

Our first Supper Club

We were so thrilled with the turnout for our first Four Fine Foodies Supper Club on Sunday night. It all happened so fast. We are still totally buzzing in the aftermath of it all, and already have the wheels in motion for our next supper club. Really excited to do it all again.

The concept of Four Fine Foodies developed very organically. We are 4 chefs who have worked together in various chef/cookery tutor jobs over the years, but most importantly we are friends. Once a month we meet up in one of our houses and cook food for each other, like a dinner party but we all help cook the food on the night. It is always really special and reminds us of what is important in life... good food shared with good friends & family. This is where the idea came from, we decided to share this special experience on a larger scale and Four Fine Foodies Supper Club was born.

So much love and effort goes into creating these suppers, more than we even realised. But we enjoyed every minute of it (well maybe not the getting clamped outside of the venue part!!).

Some snaps on the night that we took and some more beautiful photographs from Elisha Clarke which capture some of the work behind the scenes, we even put our flower arranging skills to work.

Here are some photographs taken by the wonderfully talented Elisha Clarke who came on the night, we think she captured the atmosphere of the evening perfectly.

The food went down a storm and we were so proud of everything. Hosting this supper club really put the love back into food for us, it's so easy to forget how happy it makes you feel when you are able to be creative and passionate about something and it 100% comes from your heart. A bit mushy I know but true!

We were so grateful to all our family, friends and foodies who turned up on the night to support us.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming suppers.

4FF x


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait for your next event!

    1. Thanks Laura, we had a blast. Would be amazing to see you at the next one. Love 4ff x

  2. Food looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats & best of luck with the next one :)

    1. Thanks Ais, was tons of fun and a lot of sweat but so worth it. Roll on the next one. Love 4ff x